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Student project competition

Yongtao Guan writes:

I [Guan] recently began a collaboration with OpenIntro, a group of volunteers from around the country (Duke, Harvard, UCLA, and U.Miami) focused on contributing to improvements in introductory statistics education. They are an active group that has a lot of energy and neat ideas.

On behalf of OpenIntro, I’d like to invite the students in your introductory statistics course to participate in a student project competition we are sponsoring this semester. Chris Barr (Assistant Professor at Harvard Biostatistics) and I are co-chairing the competition this Fall. We are hoping to highlight the excellent work that students do by hosting the two best projects from each class at and publishing the winners of a larger competition in a paperback volume with brief discussion about each project.

Details of the competition can be found at We’ve tried to make the structure general so any class that already has a project integrated into their curriculum can participate without much modification at all.