More reason to like Sims besides just his name

John Horton points to Sims‘s comment on Angrist and Pischke:

Top of page 8—he criticizes economists for using clustered standard errors—suggests using multilevel models instead.

Awesome! So now there are at least two Nobel prize winners in economics who’ve expressed skepticism about controlled experiments. (I wonder if Sims is such a danger in a parking lot.)

P.S. I’m still miffed that this journal didn’t invite me to comment on that article!

7 thoughts on “More reason to like Sims besides just his name

  1. Nicely written paper especially like the last phrase

    “regrettable because increased computing power and the new methods of inference
    that are arising to take advantage of this power make such narrow, simple
    approaches [sandwich estimation] to data analysis increasingly obsolete”

    Maybe is I copied it and changes the econometerics references to epidemiological it would
    make a really nice paper for me to submit some where…

    I would just have to add the right spelling and other errors ;-)

  2. You guys do know he gave lecture literally called, “Bayesian Methods in Applied Econometrics, or, Why Econometrics Should Always and Everywhere Be Bayesian.”

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