30 days of statistics

I was talking with a colleague about one of our research projects and said that I would write something up, if blogging didn’t get in the way. She suggested that for the next month I just blog about my research ideas.

So I think I’ll do that. This means no mocking of plagiarists, no reflections on literature, no answers to miscellaneous questions about how many groups you need in a multilevel model, no rants about economists, no links to pretty graphs, etc., for 30 days.

Meanwhile, I have a roughly 30-day backlog. So after my next 30 days of stat blogging, the backlog will gradually appear. There’s some good stuff there, including reflections on Milos, a (sincere) tribute to the haters, an updated Twitteo Killed the Bloggio Star, a question about acupuncture, and some remote statistical modeling advice I gave that actually worked! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

But you’ll have to wait for all that fun stuff. For the next thirty days, it’s statistics research every day.

P.S. If anything comes up that’s too topical to be held for a month, I’ll post it on one of the sister blogs.

P.P.S. As always, my cobloggers can feel free to post here whenever they want on whatever they want.

P.P.P.S. We’ll soon be moving the blog to a new site for the blog. I’ll make an exception to the all-statistics-research rule to update you on that when it occurs.

P.P.P.P.S. To anybody whose comments don’t appear: As noted earlier, we get thousands of spam comments per hour, so (a) some legitimate comments get caught by the spam filter, and (b) it’s impossible for us to look through the spam to see if anything real got stuck there. Try registering as a commenter, that might help. Or maybe things will be better in a few days with the new blog software.

8 thoughts on “30 days of statistics

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  2. Question: I don't know, but I'm hoping things will be better in our new blog software which will be happening soon.

  3. TGGP:

    I wish these letter writers would separate the academic freedom issue from the quality of the work. I can understand their feelings, but as in many cases that become a "cause," I think they are imputing their hopes and dreams into something (in this case, a body of research) that is undeserving of their ardor.

  4. This is going to be a neat series of posts! Will you label each one so that we know we're still in the 30 days? Like "1/30" or something?

    On your PPPPS, when you say "Register", you mean register as a Movable Type user. Got it. I'm more familiar with Blogger and WordPress blogs; the conventions for Movable Type sites are a bit different.

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