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Baby name wizards

The other day I noticed a car with the improbable name of Nissan Rogue, from Darien, Connecticut (at least that’s what the license plate frame said). And, after all, what could be more “rogue”-like than a suburban SUV?

I can’t blame the driver of the car for this one; I’m just amused that the marketers and Nissan thought this was an appropriate name for the car.


  1. Bob says:

    Just like Pontiac named a car after an… Ahem… "marital aid"?

  2. zbicyclist says:

    This is pretty common in the bicycle industry, as the late Sheldon Brown wrote:

  3. Andrew Gelman says:

    Traditionally the term "rogue" is intended to be used only for pirates and University of Chicago faculty.

  4. …and what about "Sonata"?

  5. Jeremy Miles says:

    Was the Ford Probe ever sold in the US?

  6. Ted Coltman says:

    GM knew exactly what they were doing when they named a special edition of the Chevy Silverado SS the "Intimidator SS" in honor of the late Dale Earnhardt.

  7. Mozzie says:

    And in Australia, we still have the Mitsubishi Pajero (direct translation = mule). But it has a number of extended meanings, and these have caused considerable amusement and consternation among my South American friends. Much more fun, they say, than the Chevvy No-Va.