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Clarity on my email policy

I never read email before 4. That doesn’t mean I never send email before 4.


  1. Sarang says:

    Do you read the emails you write before 4 before you send them?

  2. Andrew Gelman says:

    4pm (local time, wherever I happen to be).

  3. Bob Carpenter says:

    It clearly goes from "before 4 PM" to "after 4 PM"
    right after 4 PM. But when does it switch from "after 4 PM" back to "before 4 PM"?

    It's 2:30 AM now, which is 8.5 hours after and 15.5 hours before 4 PM. Do you call it before or after? Or is there a third twilight possibility when it's neither before nor after 4 PM?

  4. Andrew Gelman says:


    "After 4pm" ends when I go to bed. "Before 4pm" begins when I wake up. In between, I can't read my email anyway, so it's not an issue.