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What’s most cool – the question mark in the name or the modelling of zombies?

Some recent interest has been raised by the following publication


by an seemingly unknown author – well not quite


I have not had anything to do with predator/prey models since reading Gregory Bateson’s Steps towards an Ecology of Mind – but a question mark in one’s name – that just too cool to pass by!


PS Favourite article title – also by Bateson with his daughter when she was a young child – “Why do French?”


  1. That last title looks like an example of a "crash blossom.

  2. thom says:

    I remember reading about the Zombie research and being reminded of psychologist Eric-Jan Wagenmakers' Werewolf talk.

    I feel compelled to add that this is not his real research (I think it was a talk he wrote for a graduate student Summer School).

    Even better for this blog, Eric-Jan is a bayesian …


  3. K? O'Rourke says:

    Even when distractions are largely just distractions, you can't _prevent_ others from making good use of them.

    Hadley – thanks for the crash blossoms. The "Why do French?" paper was on non-verbal communication and came from Bateson's daughter verbally asking "Why do French?" and then non-verbally waving her hands.

    thom – I'll admit that these _non_ real research topics would have perhaps been better posted just before Holloween.

    But I was trying to find a way of posting blog comments without being anonomous while preventing someone from being able to claim I was publically stating a position.

    After reading about Smith? – the question mark after my first initial (with due apologies to the other K O'Rourkes who publish in clinical research) seemed like a neat way to do that.

    And as Andrew posted later, Daniel Lakeland was able to turn it into a useful blog postable exercise.