4 thoughts on “The Death of the Blog Post?

  1. I think you've read this wrong: the post is about a small set of people, those who have interest in graphic design and multimedia. A number of blogs about design make no real effort to be designed themselves. The writing is a bit over the top but the idea to encourage individual expression and good design is fine.

  2. I think the article is a little sadly ironic. Blogazine is a great idea (but a terrible name) and though Smashing's article is almost a counterexample toward its value, Jason Santa Maria, for instance, frequently produces very high quality, interesting posts with a design that both supports and expands upon his message.

    Moreover, it's exactly the same principle that drives attention to producing good statistical graphics. Marrying the form and message is important if your goal is to be understood and remembered. It's maybe not something you need to do every day — Jason posts rarely — but necessary when you create something to last. That's the true heart of design, no matter what the medium. Smashing Magazine unfortunately doesn't really understand that.

  3. Am I the only one who read that post the same way one would read powerpoint slides?

    Henry Gee has made the point that blogs are for throwing out half-baked ideas, and this seems to be a popular thought. Suggesting we spend a lot of time on the layout seems to go against this.

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