5 thoughts on “Professor Risk

  1. I thought it was well done, and then there was the added bonus:

    Given my username, it's no surprise that I support his bicycling habit. I'm also fond of bacon sandwiches.

    Hmm. Should I try playing drums? Nah.

  2. Come on Ken. If there's one thing that will make statistics more interesting it's half-naked middle aged men.

    Seriously though, it was brilliantly done.

  3. David tells me they thought about ditching the pyjamas altogether, making it CU's first horror film.

    (… and I agree, seriously it's terrific)

  4. I agree it was interesting, but I'm disappointed to see him trot out the old canard about cycling danger when any fule kno that regular exercise brings substantial health benefits and cyclists live *longer* than non-cyclists. Surely a professor of risk should take account of all the relevant risks rather than focussing undue attention on one of the small factors.

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