Some sort of update to ggplot2

Jeroen Ooms writes:

Here’s a first version of a new web application for exploratory graphical analysis. It attempts to implement the layered graphics from the R package ggplot2 in a user-friendly way. This two-minute demo video demonstrates a quick how-to.

He asks for feedback, so if you have any, feel free to comment. I don’t know ggplot2 but my impression is that I should really be using it. Maybe Yu-Sung and Daniel should consider using it for mrp.

5 thoughts on “Some sort of update to ggplot2

  1. Hadley Wickham's ggplot2 is excellent– he and Di Cook of Iowa State do a great two-day seminar on learning to use ggplot2 and ggobi (which is more of an exploratory tool for visualizing high-dimensional data). ggplot2 is not totally user-friendly for a newbie, but it's not too difficult to learn, either. However, if a user is already familiar with R (which isn't much to ask), it's pretty easy, and if the user has read "The Grammar of Graphics" before as well, then it's entirely natural. Anyway, given the work you do, I think you definitely should give it a try.

  2. Just commenting to say that I think the link is broken?
    ggplot2 is excellent: one can get attractive graphs with one R command (what a revelation!)

    Based on the graphs in your textbook, you already know how to put R through its paces to produce good, minimalist graphs, but ggplot2 should be recommended for all beginners with R rather than having to struggle through battling to undo R's terrible defaults.

  3. I think this application is really neat as a way of showing people what ggplot can do, but the hard part of having it as a standalone application is that it make it hard to add derived variables, reshape data, etc — all of which I usually figure out I want to do *after* I have sat down to try to create exploratory graphs.

  4. Nice webapp and will set a trend, but the ggplot interface only really makes sense once you know ggplot. I recently did an arcgis+ggplot seminar in india. The method of building iteratively building plots in ggplot was a hit as was learning the grammar. I will try joeren's app in my intro class and see what kind of feedback i get.

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