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Le casse-tête des petits effets


  1. LemmusLemmus says:

    Kanazawa-bashing now in French? Are you sure you're not obsessed.

  2. Andrew Gelman says:

    I'd love to take credit, but, nah, it was translated without my even knowing about it. Just a coincidence that it happens to be in French.

  3. Alex Cook says:

    Surely it's a bit worrying that your work is being translated and published in other languages without you knowing about it? What if the anonymous translator mis-translated you? You already pointed out the differences in the title. On skimming the article, I see no reference to it having been translated by someone else, rather than being your own French version written by you and Weakliem [sure, there's a little acknowledgment of scientific american at the bottom].

  4. Igor Carron says:


    "Pour la Science" is known in France to be the french translation of "Scientific American". I am sure it says so in large fonts somewhere else in the magazine.