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Listen to me on the radio

Apparently the BBC has a radio show all about statistics. It’s broadcast at 1330 on Friday afternoons and repeated at 2000 on Sundays on Radio 4. I taped the interview a few weeks ago; I wonder how much of it they’ll use. The interviewer, Tim Hartford, was excellent. I just hope they cut some of the part near the end when I got too relaxed and started to babble.

The topic was my article (with David Weakliem), Of Beauty, Sex, and Power.

P.S. I took a listen. They did a pretty good job of cutting and pasting my rambling into coherent sequences of sentences. I still sound pretty dry and professorial, I’m afraid, but at least it’s to the point.

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  1. zbicyclist says:

    "More or Less" podcasts are available for free on ITunes. It's a consistently high quality show.

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