Who is or is not a “blogger”?

Henry reports that a colleague of his at George Washington University, Jeffrey Rosen, says he has sworn off blogging for good. But then Henry asks whether Rosen was really a blogger at all: in Henry’s words:

A 1,000 word commissioned essay for The New Republic, which goes through its usual editorial processes, is usually not considered a ‘blog entry.’ . . . I [Henry] will say that I’d prefer not to see the term blogpost become a residual category for ‘stuff I wrote which I wish I had thought through a bit more before I hit send.’

I just have two comments on this intra-GW conflict:

1. Does blogging now have higher prestige than magazine writing? It used to be that newspaper and magazine writers were insisting that blogging wasn’t journalism. Now we have unpaid bloggers saying that magazine writing isn’t really blogging!

2. Given the New Republic’s history, I wouldn’t say that “its usual editorial processes” counts for much. I’m guessing I have a more rigorous vetting process on my own blog (where the rule is that anyone with access can post any time) than the New Republic has for its thousand-word commissioned essays.