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Graphs of subway ridership

Recently on Gothamist, there was a post about this site. It depicts subway ridership since 1905, as measured at each subway stop (by annual recorded entries).

I wish that the graphs were click-able to enlarge them; though it’s fun to look at this way, it’s tough to compare the graphs with that tiny size. You can zoom in slightly to display the station names, which is nice. It seems as though this is still a work in progress on some fronts, however: you can’t zoom in or out too far or you lose the map altogether.

One Comment

  1. Thanks for the link guys — I love your site and never expected to get linked up for this kind of work.

    You are correct that this is intended to be an experiment with the open source/web-enabled GIS stack and a bit of data I got my hands on. Essentially — what could I do with these packages out of the box and the minimal amount of custom anything?

    All the feedback/suggestions (including here) are interesting but would take a lot more time that I don't have (now) for this little project.


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