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Downloading data on population by ethnicity within counties

The U.S. Census has tons of data, but sometimes it can be hard to get at what you want. John Transue writes, regarding the goal of getting racial composition of U.S. counties:

This Firefox extension is incredibly useful for grabbing data from many links on the same page [convenient if you want to get files for all 50 states at once].

The data came from this Census page.

Yair used this page.


  1. James Green says:

    thanks for the toolbar link, i downloaded it and its great, would you recommend any other add ons?

  2. Alex says:

    I would also recommend Table2Clipboard. If you have an HTML table on a page, it allows you to right-click anywhere in the table and copy the entire thing into a spreadsheet (or text file) with the proper formatting for data processing.

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