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  1. Usually the "best" punchline on xkcd comics is in the alt text (hover your mouse over the comic at: http://xkcd.com/539/ If people were sending you the direct link to the image they weren't even giving you a chance to read the whole joke.

  2. The moment I read your comment I guessed this was likely to be xkcd.

    There are two types of people in the world:

    (1) those who pass around links to LOL xkcd comics, and

    (2) those who receive these links and go "huh"?

  3. For me, the cartoon was a bit of a shock because it came out the very morning I introduced boxplots in my intro stat course. I mentioned this in class, and showed them the cartoon, and they seemed genuinely amused.

  4. That friggin cracked me up when I read it. I love the play on 'significant other' and 'statistical significance.' Come on Gellman, we've read your books, we know you a bit literal, but, in the words of my yard man, 'them shits funny.'

  5. Well she's clearly not part of his normal distribution of casual dates. I suspect a dependent relationship, clearly conditional on some prior interaction…


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