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One more John Updike story

John Updike just passed away, and coincidentally I noticed a story by him in the most recent New Yorker. Well, actually the story was by someone called “Antonya Nelson” but it was clearly a John Updike story. Not angry enough to be a John Cheever story, not clipped enough to be a Raymond Carver story, not smooth enough to be a Richard Ford story. Based on this evidence, I expect we’ll continue to see new Updike stories for awhile.

P.S. I’m a big fan of Updike. Rabbit, Run is my favorite.


  1. silly fool says:

    You're saying that the story owes a debt to Updike, not that Antonya Nelson is a pseudonym, right?

  2. Andrew Gelman says:

    Wow–University of Houston! Cool. Jeronimo and Noah teach there.