Just when I thought I was out . . . they pull me back in . . . part 2

Darryl Caldwell writes:

I enjoyed your response to Satoshi Kanazawa’s statistical data on sex ratios. I have a quick question for you. Did he respond? How was his response?

My reply: I sent him an email but he did not respond. I assume he must be aware of my comment on his article, in any case. I was disappointed in his lack of response and even more disappointed that he then wrote an entire book on this stuff without addressing these concerns. (Search this blog for Kanazawa for more than you want to know about this topic.) The upside is that I got a publication in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, something which probably otherwise never would’ve happened!

Also relevant is this paper I wrote with David Weakliem, a paper which I will soon devote an entire blog entry, if for no other reason than to highlight some really quotable bits that David threw in to the revision.

2 thoughts on “Just when I thought I was out . . . they pull me back in . . . part 2

  1. Sorry if this sound lazy, but could you put a link in your post to you original response to Satoshi Kanazawa? I couldn't find your original post.

  2. Brad: Type Kanazawa into this blog's search box and you'll see more than you'll want to see! Or go to my webpage and click through to research, published papers and search on Kanazawa there. Enjoy.

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