The score

Occasionally I post comments here on other people’s books or articles, and sometimes I email the authors to get their feedback. Here’s the score:


John Clute
Richard Florida
Malcolm Gladwell
Sander Greenland
Daniel Gross
Mickey Kaus
Paul Krugman
Andrew Leonard
John Lott
Jay Nordlinger
Andrew Oswald
Ed Park
Steve Sailer
John Seabrook
Nassim Taleb
Josh Tenenbaum

Did not respond:

Robert Frank
Satoshi Kanazawa
George Packer
Russ Alan Price
David Runciman

I think I’ve missed a few here (in both categories). Also, some people I’m still waiting to hear from, and some respond but not in a useful way.

P.S. I just noticed: all these people are male (and most are white)! I’ll have to diversify a bit!

3 thoughts on “The score

  1. I emailed them about questions that I'd posted on my blog regarding their writings. The people in the first group gave polite or thoughtful responses. The people in the second group did not respond at all. (Perhaps they never received the emails; I don't know.)

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