This week’s Red State, Blue State events

There’s a lot going on for those of you in the NY/NJ area.

1. On Monday morning I’m doing an activity on the Electoral College. But you can’t come to that unless you’re a 4th grader in Zacky’s school.

2. Monday 4.30pm at room 801 International Affairs Building (at Columbia), I’m speaking on Red State, Blue State in an event cosponsored by the Columbia Journalism School, with discussions by Nicholas Lemann and Thomas Edsall and moderated by Sharyn O’Halloran.

3. Monday 7pm at the Princeton Club in midtown Manhattan, I’m speaking and signing books. You can only go to this one if you’re a member of the club, I think.

4. Tuesday 4.30pm at Robertson Hall at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, there’s an event sponsored by the New York and New Jersey chapters of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, featuring Joe Lenski, Chris Achen, Larry Hugick, and myself. After the panel there will be lots of time for informal discussion as well.