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What is the seven-syllable word most commonly used in ordinary conversation?

See here.


  1. Joe Blitzstein says:


  2. I was going to say 'antidisestablishmentarianism', but I changed my mind.

  3. Isabel Lugo says:

    Their answer probably isn't a bad guess for the seven-syllable word that I use most often in ordinary conversation.

    But I'm a zngurzngvpvna. (Rot13; decode here; the word in plaintext would perhaps be a spoiler.)

  4. andy says:

    from that article, it says that miniscule is an incorrect spelling. to which i say:

  5. Richard D. Morey says:

    For question number 2 (most commonly misspelled word by otherwise good spellers) I'd vote "foilage," which is often misspelled "foliage."

  6. Jeremiah says:

    I am guessing: inapplicability. Mainly because it is the only 7 syllable word in every day usuage that I could come up with after several minutes. Which, of course, makes it a great candidate for my guess!

  7. John S. says:


  8. ZBicyclist says:

    Around the office here, it's "disintermediation", but we may not be typical ;)

  9. Kieran says:


  10. Joe Blitzstein says:

    "Heterogeneity" occurred to me, while "homogeneity" is short a syllable. But "homosexuality" is 7 syllables. Meanwhile I nominate "heterosexuality" for the 8 syllable competition.

  11. Andrew says:

    Wow . . . the hive-mind truly is impressive. The best I could come up with was "anti-globalization." (Then again, that's better than my best 16-letter word, which was "underwaterfridge.")

  12. parinella says:

    For misspelled words, I'd go for "loose" instead of "lose".

  13. Chris says:

    My colleague Allan Wilks figured he would tackle this with actual data. He ran an awk script through the unix 'dict' function to find syllables and then ran the 7 syllable words through google and sorted by number of hits:

    the top 10:
    [27800000 telecommunication,
    19200000 interdisciplinary,
    19000000 meteorological,
    17000000 socioeconomic,
    15100000 intelligibility,
    8080000 heterogeneity,
    6260000 autobiographical,
    5660000 incompatibility,
    5010000 industrialization,
    3880000 epidemiologic ].

    Of course, Allan's employer (and mine) is pleased with the #1 word!

  14. Ubs says:

    Somewhat rambling follow-up posted

  15. james berry says: