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Speak clearly

When you leave a voice mail, please say your name and phone number slowly and clearly. Thank you.


  1. Tony Rose says:

    Seriously! One of my pet peeves as well. If I need to play the message 9 times just to write down a 10 digit phone number, something is seriously wrong.

    I'm with you Andrew!

  2. Jeremy Miles says:

    Or just don't leave a voicemail. Send an email instead.

  3. Andrew says:


    There's another problem, which is that phone numbers don't need to be 10 digits. That's an overkill which is an unfortunate product of the way in which the U.S. phone system was quasi-deregulated.


    Yes, but then I won't see it until 4 (at the earliest).

  4. Tony says:

    To me it just seems like it should be common sense…

    If they want me to return their call, then they better make every effort to make it as effortless as possible.

    Maybe I should change my vm message to say, "if I can't understand your name or the number at which to reach you, then don't expect me to. :)