Nobody ever mentions it . . . because it’s false

This one’s pretty funny. TV personality Tucker Carlson writes,

OK, but here’s the fact that nobody ever, ever mentions — Democrats win rich people. Over 100,000 in income, you are likely more than not to vote for Democrats. People never point that out. Rich people vote liberal. I don’t know what that’s all about.

Well, yeah, nobody ever points that out, because it’s actually false! Here are the 2004 data, and Krugman links to the 2006 polls. (I followed the link originally from Mark Thoma.)

Income certainly doesn’t determine everything–the Republicans only beat the Democrats 52-47 among the over 100,000’s. Nonetheless, there’s something funny about someone complaining that people aren’t repeating a false fact. You’d think he would’ve thought something like, Huh, this is an interesting fact . . . nobody every mentions it . . . maybe it’s actually false.

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