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Can Music Tell Your Personality?

I read this entry on study of correlation between music and personality .

A series of 6 studies investigated lay beliefs about music, the structure underlying music preferences, and the links between music preferences and personality. The data indicated that people consider music an important aspect of their lives and listening to music an activity they engaged in frequently. Using multiple samples, methods, and geographic regions, analyses of the music preferences of over 3,500 individuals converged to reveal 4 music-preference dimensions: Reflective and Complex, Intense and Rebellious, Upbeat and Conventional, and Energetic and Rhythmic. Preferences for these music dimensions were related to a wide array of personality dimensions (e.g., Openness), self-views (e.g., political orientation), and cognitive abilities (e.g., verbal IQ).

This study is much like the music genome project although it adds a twist by relating the preference of music to the personality, which makes it more interesting. I’m not sure if music genome project lets the data out to public. But if they do, this is a great data to strengthen the generalization part of the study since they have age, gender, and postal code of the users. Although as always, they will have to deal with the reliability issues. I wonder if anyone in the music genome project has thought about doing the personality study, the result may be interesting.

One Comment

  1. Viksit says:

    I once did a similar study which looked at artificially learning emotions – one aspect of the social persona, in relation to music samples. We got some rather interesting results – the method was building a model based on human subjects voting on their preferences as they heard some music..

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