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Looking around, I found this by Jenny Davidson from the English department and this by Peter Woit from the math department. I know Peter and have never met Jenny Davidson, but I have to say that her blog is more readable. Literature is just more accessible than math/physics. Davidson has an entry on the swimmer Lynne Cox which was pretty cool because I remember hearing a fascinating radio interview with Cox a few years ago and wanting to learn more about her. There’s really a lot of cool stuff here; I don’t know how Davidson finds the time to put it all down, but I guess it’s good to stay in practice if you’re a professional writer. Out of curiosity, I checked her hits–she gets about the same amount of traffic as this blog, but most of the referrals are from search engines, whereas more of mine come from my own webpage or other blogs. Peter’s blog is mostly about string theory, which is something I know nothing about, as my physics education ended many years ago with quantum mechanics.


  1. Hi there–Lynne Cox is amazing, isn't she?!? And let us make sure to introduce ourselves properly in person if our Columbia paths cross; we will take this as the electronic introduction….

  2. Hi Andy,
    Woit's links to Perelman's story are super…

    I'm sure you'll enjoy this one:
    "Raping the Likelihood Principle"

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